Saturday, June 28, 2014

The grain with a rain

Rain scratches the vertical
white lines of darkness
in neighboring window
across my room.

What after all they can hide
behind the curtains of wet
wooden/glass frame..., soon

they lower the blinds, won’t see
more the dark soggy night, and I
stay single with music and tree

I slowly approach piano,
glissando every&each key,
the sky presents the glint
of lightning !!!

What level/phase/time
the players are we?..

Brenda Warren

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  1. playing the piano in the dark while the rain pours down is a beautiful thing... haven't done this in a while but should again...

  2. Enjoyed. Like the contemplation played out before the music is played..

  3. a really interesting question there in the end...
    it is the point for me...the other imagery all plays well together
    but that question is one we will ask til the end
    of time...

  4. Just letting the notes flow as the rain plays a tune all its own

  5. Sometimes it's nice when the rain falls and you can shut the blinds and be yourself and play..this captures that feeling perfectly

  6. Bonsai is the perfect pet, it has a bark but doesn't. Humor aside, I felt warm and comfortable looking out at the rain safely inside.

  7. Love the mood of this poem. Rainy days are good for music

  8. This seemed a lonely and melancholy piece, I don't know if the piece colors my mood, or my mood colors the piece?

  9. I like the atmosphere you created and then filled with imagery and music.


  10. Yes when it rains I sometimes play my piano.
    Loved the poem.
    I am quite new to poetry but am enjoying it.

  11. This poem has a beautiful flow and its atmosphere is lovely, humbird.