Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small influences

Sweet Summer, 1912, John William Waterhouse 

Drawn to dark part of the garden
praying the Merlin Tarot
to bring a transformation
I disappear under the water spell…

Parts, defragmented
dancing in swirl
seduce the past
hell out of me

deep ~ deeper ~ …

the creature has a gun,
we talk:
“Where has you been
the last year?
The source of your
nourishment –
a dreadful kiss?!”

Oh, enough, not a plague…
the penny would cover
the bloody expenses…

I levitate…

~ ~ ~ ∞~ ~ ~         

Brenda Warren

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  1. so its then, up and out, nice one. have a good Sunday

    much love...

  2. ha. nice movement in this....and energy...i like the disentangled parts seducing the hell out of comes across as an awakening to me....the end carries a but of mythical feel...

  3. Great combination of prompts.

  4. Very clever combination, as Gail says! It's very easy to disappear under a water spell...

  5. A penny to cover such expenses, where can I find such a penny haha

  6. Ouch a dreadful kiss... no penny can cover that expense...

  7. I guess you never know what you will find in the garden.

  8. The magical, other-worldly feel to this is enchanting :-)

  9. Interesting poem with the prompt of words..gave it a dark twist..

  10. Love the dark enchantment of it. And anything dealing with Merlin is always risking

  11. That trickling water from the fountain is the cause of this. The creature clearly is jealous and my mind is playing with innuendos.

  12. The dark parts of the garden are always the most interesting..where the best stories are kept..i love how you've brought this painting capture her it off with a penny! Can learn a lot from that and lie back in the flowers

  13. Nice flow and I like the twister thrown at the end.

  14. Thanks, friends! Enjoyed the prompts and your comments!

  15. Fun spin on a unique list.
    Ah, yes home...soon, so very soon.

  16. oh that dark parts are an unexpected contrast to the peaceful mood of the pic