Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fixed ideas

 Photos by 'Sandcastle Matt'
Photo by 'Sandcastle Matt'

I saw you as if metamorphosis
lower part - me, top - yours
lifting the pebbles, shells,
crabs’ claws
building the castle of
self imprisonment.

I've watched it forceless to stop,
heard your say:
what the talents we hide…

Really…who said
it must be from stone,
the better ideas - from sand…

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  1. sand is shifting...stone is solid...all depends on your foundation wanted you know...
    self imprisonment///not a whole lot of fun...better once we escape that

  2. Can create much from sand and the cat gets use out of it too lol

  3. I hope that a sand 'castle of self-imprisonment' can be shattered and more solid foundations replace it.

  4. Eventually the stone will crumble into sand... but sometimes when you are imprisoned it better be a castle of sand.

  5. to continue Bjorn's comment....
    and then the sand can be turned into glass, and you can at least look out, before venturing out of this self imposed prison.
    Just a matter of time.

    I love the 'crumbliness'' [ is there such a word?] of your poem's form..
    Or graininess maybe.

  6. That is an amazing sand sculpture! Intriguing poem. I like "building the castle of self- imprisonment."

  7. I will think all day about the better ideas that come from sand. I so much enjoyed the photo which accompanied your poem. Amazing!

  8. You always come out with some interesting perspective ~ I love the idea of castle of imprisonment, what we build up, what we destroy ~

  9. it's good that the castle is made of sands and the moment of freedom's not far many thoughts are arising...a lovely poem

  10. One builds enclosures around oneself choking developments but these cannot stop talents from blooming. True for the die-hards and the brave for they move forward despite difficulties! Wonderful write humbird!