Friday, June 13, 2014

Universal truth

 Art by Guido Vedovato
artist Guido Vedovato

My life folded in
an accordion style
the black and white keys
I touch arbitrarily
inspired those ears
and fingers to boost
with every blue dream
I’m trying to hover.

The clouds grew grapes
the mountains – sharp
and pavement turns
in M&M colors
but someone who gawks
from the distance  - will see
my life nested in
a thimble size chapeau.


  1. That last stanza says it all. How many lives are nested in a 'thimble size chapeau.'

  2. They look from afar and think they know, know many of those

  3. That last stanza struck me as well because I noticed in his work all of the distant but familiar villages. Great write!

  4. You have focused on the extraordinary detail of these paintings. I love the sky growing grapes - I looked at that painting and wondered how one could put that texture into words, and you have done so to perfection.

  5. I love that you located the pleasure of viewing art the skill of showing i color what we might only see in Black and White. I love that you located the narrator in on eof the little houses adrift in such a grape filled see.

  6. Wonderful interpretation of the picture and I too love that last encompassing truth.

  7. Excellent response to the artist's work--and a very cool poem in its own right. 'Hovering' a dream is a perfect image, as is M&M colors to describe both the narrator's pov and the artist's approach.

  8. Life folding - accordian style ~~ great line in a fascinating poem!!

  9. Beautiful... it was so captivating... however can ny1 b inspired like thiss ??!!

  10. had a friend who played the accordion...its a very cool instrument...the second stanza though says much...a little life will go a long way...smiles.

  11. the accordian is a cool instrument - and if someone plays it well you can entertain a whole room of people.. love the M&M colors in the second stanza

  12. He does paint in M&M colors, doesn't he? Well said.

  13. Nothing like a thimble hat, and the accordion player does seem to be wearing one!

  14. I'm delighting in the imagery of "The clouds grew grapes." I feel I just dropped into the Rabbit Hole, just find out that it wasn't a hole at all, but an underground castle inhabited by a poet with a sweet tooth.