Thursday, October 30, 2014

When 18 days without you fit in one hour...

 Anne Sexton
Anne Sexton ~ ~ by PointBlankDesign

                             I’m reading “Eighteen Days Without You” by Anne Sexton

What’s important –
how the day’s sad events
influence our inner
world, even when
we’re so far from
feeling the sorrow
because the happiness
is our given natural
gift, and else –
we’re loved…

So, the first, second days
made me got starving
for kiss, though in
the book it was
goodbye kiss
after which she slept
under bird’s shadow,
and I was wondering
when shadow’s dying
every day, do we
necessarily feel
the loss?

think about:
everyday loss-pattern
makes us
to our real personal
failure, or what’s real

Dead rabbit on the road
on 3rd day
just added the
sorrow to what
I see everyday…

The last leave in December,
light rain, ice-storm –
hope they are yet events
of far, far away…
but can I trust
temporary mild Minnesota’s

Searching like walking
along the other
December pages
I find facsimile of
 past winter snow
weeks after weeks
birds’ traces
under the  window,

‘the world sealed in’
sounds like revelation
the white envelope
of human content,
the vagaries  of the
dictate some
bottled choking mood…

Though I’ll remember
the cicadas in October
back then at South
you asked me to play…
how I got chilly and

Then I think
you're mostly a fish
laying low
no ripples above you
except the beams
highlighting the
inspiration and
wisdom of vacuum…

and I realize that
a world exists in us
rather than opposite way…

I’m bending, arching, turning
(tenacity exercise)
the page, last 18th day…
painting face & diagnosing
love as disease,
asking to go slowly, delicately
with music, for which
she and I was born…


  1. So much out there that it can over whelm if we let it, but a whole world within indeed

  2. the world exists in that part...and thinking of them as a fish as well....
    i think there are a lot of factors that determine our days...even when we try to keep tthe happy disposition...and if we compartmentalize them they will catch up to us...

  3. i hope that we never get insensitive about the sadness as well that surrounds us - and sometimes it's not easy to keep our happiness in difficult times... love the the world exists in us part as well


  4. Contrasts constitute the breath of life; how boring in must have been in Eden before we stepped out into a word of pain, poison, tusks, & barbs. A terrific poem, & grand insights.

  5. Oh my gosh this makes sense to me in so many ways. inspiring, touching and a tad bit of bittersweet moments as well. I had to laugh at your mention of Minnesota and just how wonderful it's been does bring worry to mind, what if mother nature is preparing us for, no scratch that, I won't even say it. But also on my mind today is that tomorrow I will be a Happy Witch for Halloween and the year I did that back in was it 1991 we had that horrible unbelievable snowstorm of the century! Yikes, should I go as something else?!

  6. I particularly like the ending stanza, going slow and being sensitive to all the things around us, to all the sadness swirling in our midst ~

  7. Yes, oftentimes the world exists in us rather than in an opposite way. If we recognize this, everything has so much more meaning.

  8. I think happiness is my natural given gift yet I can feel sorrow as well, as you portray so well. I like your picture, too.


  9. That gets more and more powerful - the sense of longing just grows and grows. Beautifully done.

  10. "a world exists in us / rather than opposite way…"this makes the flow of life quite interesting i think...

  11. This part:
    "everyday loss-pattern
    makes us
    to our real personal
    failure, or what’s real

    Is so, so true. Sadness and loss around us can us fail to see our weaknesses, therefore we can tend to not work on being better people.

  12. The process of reading, even a good book, has my thoughts running through so much more too sometimes, Working out so many other things while reading the words of others trying to corral a single mind

  13. Love is a river that ebbs and flows.. that we can travel with or against.. with paddles slow and tenacious or paddles that break waves and never go...

    And sometimes the water is dark and murky.. or shimmering bright.. to see so far.. as never bottom...

    And then the river flows.. and we carry on.. with or without.. the river flows.. over or under banks.. never restricting essence over form....

  14. These mixtures give meaning to life.

  15. This poem is rich in emotive detail, and fine story-telling.

  16. "...and I realize that
    a world exists in us
    rather than opposite way..." -- what a revelation!

    I love your poetic voice.

  17. this is beautiful and thought provoking.. i love the part of the world existing in us.

  18. There is so much sadness in loss, but we should never become insensitive to it.

  19. An interesting mix of observation, remembrance and introspection........well done!

  20. A very well written reflection poem.

  21. Overwhelming--eighteen in one--I liked so much the cheeriness of the narrator who could hear and see but not feel unhappy--but by the end of the poem, I couldn't see the cheer! Sad. Reading Ann Sexton often made me sad... Bravo on your detailed images.

  22. Wonderful...I especially love the last stanza... :-)

  23. Thank you so much for your inspiring comments! Much Love <3

  24. "I find facsimile of
    past winter snow
    weeks after weeks
    birds’ traces
    under the window,"

    There a LOT of really cool poetic descriptions like this throughout. Nicely done. (sorry SO late in responding to this prompt)