Friday, June 29, 2012

Gentle souls

Have you been touched
by quiet gentle souls,
walking around
throughout the day,
seemingly knowing
what's their role,
carrying the light for
who've gone astray?

They have been clearing
all blurry spots,
bringing the purity,
fixing the fates,
pour healing oil
of their hearts
to those who trust
and open the gates.

These gentle souls
don't compromise
the values, they're real,
avoiding ambitions,
act with humility,
modest and wise,
often're in shade,
missed a recognition.

Manage with tolerance
the hatred and cruelty,
looking for better and
brighter way,
telling the story of neighbor,
or family,
when being asked:
How was your day?


  1. Really never thought about that much, but catching your surroundings and those around you, is something one should look at more.

  2. Pat, just different point of view on the life's queue, understand it's new for you, thanks for review! :)

  3. Thanks for your email/comment/link

    I quite agree - your post does indeed have the same 'feel' as my previous Napple Notes one! Since I started blogging, I've found this happens a lot, and NOT because of reading/copying, but because the same 'vibes' seem to be abroad around the globe at the same time, and like minded souls pick up on the same 'message'. ♥

    1. Strongly agree! We all channeling creative stream, when align our senses! :)