Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dawn dreams

I bath myself in soft light
of dawn dreams,
my song's whistling
by first early bird,
my thought's weaving
in wind streams,
reaching the longtime desired

alerts the friends seagulls,
fed with wheat bread,
reconciles with speed
the snails,
touches vibrant waves,
playing mermaids,
surfing in lurex of
butterfly sails...

The rapid dawn dreams,
reflected in dew,
the little big world -
so fragile and new;
short-lived momentum-
the miracle dawn,
it melts away soon -
I follow...gone...

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  1. Such an abundent scene you set
    Would be nice to bask in I bet
    But then yeah it does fly to coup fast
    But thankfully it comes back as with each day it is never the last

  2. I am glad you had blast, and yes, each day is never the last...