Friday, June 22, 2012

Perpetuum mobile

Does the Sun really rise in the east or
does it just appear that way?
~ Robin Austin, astrologer

So if I walk in one direction
for more than 1 year -
does it mean I've gained
some progress on my path?
Or I was just shifting
from one foot to another?
And background slightly
was moving,
some invisible hand have
changed landscape around,
adding the Sun, which
in general never really rises...
or sliding painting with rain...
where I was walking by
on my path...

Like the squirrel in a cage
goes round and round...
Like carousel horseman,
departed in unknown;

Like the girl in the silver dress
and air cloak, with long arms
flapping like birds, jumps up
on the large blue ball,
trying to run, but actually
keep staying on it...

Like Alissa, fallen into rabbit's hole,
encountered many adventures,
but then on one dreamy morning
waking up in her bed...

Strive to satisfy the need for movement,
we're aimed to invisible goal,
take favorable transport,
we trust that we travel on far distance
just to see us remain in one place...

Is it possible to escape from yourself?
And Universe turns the handle of the hurdy-gurdy,
in Perpetuum mobile mode,
and wise parrot hands out the happy tickets!
Play! You are future winner!
Should we play?
If you play - you win.
Are you in?
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