Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hands healing

My client: subtle energy,
the resignation to her fate,
the kindness shows through,
the willingness to be
wherever people need you,

the will to say 'It's rude'
to powerful staff person
for using male force,
showing what to do.

Such honorary traits
in the conjunction
with arthritic hands -
the palm lines worn
lifelong work with water,

It's hard to bend the fingers,
hold the pen or spoon, -
the pay for the kind deeds,
is it fair?
what lesson has been learned
in here?

We know that emotions
relate to pain,
syndromes and conditions.
We're holding often and too tightly
to money or relationships.

So I've prepared images
of healthy hands
with color aura around
to look, to visualize
for the intent,

and affirmation of my client
with words: 'My hands get better
every day in every way:
each muscle, cell and skin.
I'm blessed and healed,
I'm loved and free to choose
to let past go and to win!'

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  1. Such hands I think I could use, as my back is out of whack, nice use of touch, liked it much.

  2. go ahead - use, don't abuse. I care and share! :)