Wednesday, June 6, 2012


a tube of red paint

Squeezed from a tube of paint
the red contours bodies,
horizontal silhouettes,
over and over again,
moaning as if spilled,
filling the space,
stratifying layer by layer,
lying down with a sigh of frustration,
uttering the last farewell,
complaining about the fluidity of life...
Soon appearing crow
shies from the abundance
of color and brightness.

stuffed ginger bread man

Energy bubbles whispering
powerfully in my head,
new components are boiling,
added to my composition.
Had once absorbed the direction,
advice and just the 'right moves',
this time I accept only myself,
what I am made of,
not what I know or heard.

My new, renewed layers're
stacked roughly inside,
filling me new,
no place for extra
someone's thought and stuff.

Stuffed toy might be given
whatever shape you want:
'Head of the class' or
'Today ice cream',
but I am not any of them.

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