Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mystery of Love

my translation of the poem by Russian poet Nikolay Dorizo (1923-2011)

My love - a mystery of century,
as channels of unknown Martians,
as flute belonging to the man,
who lived before the ancient

As telepathy or the dolphins language,
which maybe prettiest than ours,
as that emerged from other planets
ship on the way to rendezvous with

I am missing you...
and this obscure reliance,
the devastating pain as the gene,
which has no name yet,
as new area in science.

Well, maybe in a distant 30th centrury
in Human Blood Solution Center
not the lyricist, but a bearded physicist
will open the atom of love matter.

He will be praised by chroniclers of the time,
and rumors'll promise more than freeing...
O, Nature, please, preserve from the human
at least this mystery of being!

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