Thursday, February 27, 2014

The match

 The Train Station Abstract Painting
photo by 5erg

Time in training
I never would trade
Travel to every
new station

Fill in the blanks:
Your train __
Your ticket __
Your price to pay __

We’re barbarians, beasts,
aspired to eat
every  'villain',
grew out of the ground
in the way,
with slurp,
risking to scratch the skin,
but never a soul
as long as we travel
with purpose
whenever your spirit
been called.

The challenge-
to recognize the match
inside to emotional burst
you came up against,
and when it’s painful,
you might recoil
at first…

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  1. Yes, even a beast can recoil at first. I see the fighter here and every team sport, but also life and one means of survival.

  2. Have to fight to stay ahead and on top, but can my ticket be a 1 million dollar lotto one?

  3. Oh, I like the idea of traveling to every new station. That keeps life interesting for sure.

  4. To me the idea of traveling with purpose us certainly momentous. How awful it is when there seems to be no purpose left!

  5. I also love going to new places--just to see what they are like.

  6. as long as we travel with purpose...that is the line that jumped out at me...though at times i wonder if we really understand the purpose....

  7. Yes ..a purposeful life is all...... the soul wants....

  8. Fill in the blanks, it's all we have to do...Great poem!

  9. Purposely no hankering! Life has so much to offer. How true it is humbird!


  10. hmmmm i'd like to say a true adventure where one never stops... almost driven....

  11. Hmmm ... sometimes I wonder when we fill in the blanks, do we really know the price of the trip?