Saturday, February 15, 2014

Taboo by greekadman

I feel as in blurry taboo,
Uncertainty’s edges perplex,
By softening facets false/true
You left, least expecting the cracks…

painting with pastels by me

I dream of significant move,
I feel as in blurry taboo,
Say, what if my step - not approved
Would I find the spot for my shoe... by hindrik

My thoughts rest against a sky brew
Impatient as horses hoof knock,
I feel as in blurry taboo
With no one to wish me ‘good luck’… by nickwheeleroz

My glass – always whole, never half
Inside – many points of view,
Say, why in the world should I draft…
I feel as in blurry taboo.

Read more at: Sunday Form Challenge ~ Quatern


  1. Hopefully your thoughts don't hurt like a horse stomp as they run about haha and the blurry taboo can be fun for writing at ones zoo

  2. looking at the glass whole defeats the whole half full or half empty argument....
    also not bad to see many points of view...
    happy weekend to you as well.

  3. Wow! You amalgamated form, pictures and words into an amazing visual experience.

  4. oh i like your pastel painting - and looking at things from different angles is certainly a good thing

  5. wonderful how you saw it and presented it from so many points of view.. like a focused kaleidoscopic view---

  6. Love the different points of view.

  7. Enjoyed.. Related to this, especially this morning.. Thanks

  8. Good work on the flurry of thoughts on the different images ~ Happy Sunday ~

  9. Whew. I feel a little blurry now, but loved every minute of it, knowing I will recover enriched.

  10. very nice....I feel a bit blurry this morning also

  11. Thank you, HumB. Now I have an idea of what a blurry taboo might be, a spinning wreck.

  12. wow, a response to each image- well done ~

  13. Life is about chances - the future often blurry for us all. Nicely done.