Saturday, February 1, 2014

The clouds of my choice

Art by Wieslaw Walkuski

I carried clouds
on my shoulders,
and eyes were
shrouded in mist,
my new grown
senses rested
against the ground-
ripe for feast.

This privilege
I took for granted…
through pore of Earth
I dug my path
to pour from
those rumbling clouds
of different shapes,
colliding  mass.

The clouds…
I could hear barely
my voice,

the clouds…
I bore them,

the clouds
of my choice…

Shared with PU: Poetry Pantry


  1. we have to live with out choices....taking anything for granted we can lose...and then def regret that we did, but it does no good as it will not necessarily return...

  2. At least I think that if one bears clouds on one's shoulders, one has a chance that they would burn off with the sun & relieve one's burden.

  3. Bearing the cloud of our choices... how true is that. We have to live by our decisions... but it is never too late to do what is actually right for us. At least, I hope so. :-)
    Thoughtful writing.

  4. Oh how wonderful to hear the clouds, they speak ever so softly, as they wander on .... slipping by us.

  5. Oooh the clouds of our choice, great write.

  6. surely it all adds up "CHOICES"; fantastic write; i so admire when folks team up with just that right image

    Have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  7. The clouds are there but can be set free when one is aware and willing

  8. I have once had a talk with a famous Indian poet sir O.N.V.Kurup on living a worthwhile life. I was in my school days. He took out a pen and held it out at me and said :

    'This is a machine that is used by almost everyone in the world. The US president signs orders with it while a beggar use it to keep a record on the meager money he gets. Opportunities are no different, how you use them determines everything'
    Just mentioned it because it was the first thing that came into my mind when I read this poem. Good work. Keep it going. Cheers.

  9. Great awareness in this poem about "the clouds of my choice". Once we know that, we can begin to brush them away and find blue sky.

  10. Clouds in such a wonderful metaphors.. a burden or an oppurtunity

  11. Having a choice is a right and to decide on one is a privilege.Hopefully one does not throw away the privilege unnecessarily! Nice one humbird!


  12. Well there are choices to make and it will determine our path ~ Good one ~

  13. we can choose no clouds sometimes too. Well penned

  14. It’s all up to us to make the right choices. Each choice we make defines our paths. Nice piece!

  15. Love this...carrying the clouds of your choice...and your choice to carry the clouds. So many people do this and don't even notice the sun is shining just above them if they could only let go of the clouds.

  16. Thanks for thoughtful comments! Bright week to all!