Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New set of eyes...

“New Year… disruptive energy, if we don’t learn how to harness unbridled energy…”

Rangy Rumor, whipped 2D hound roaming with acceleration around, finally stopped, distracted by my invocative whistle.
Appeared from accidently opened door the dog was standing at the base of stairs. The light from the lamp in a little corridor above has been reflected in his eyes…
No, wait, in his right eye! Red fleshing stone underlining enigmatic meaning of my encounter.
Big expressive eyes.  As if from the book by H. C. Andersen “A flint”. But instead of Cups, Wheels or Towers – the red stone, the ruby, deep crimson. “The queen of stones and the stone of kings. Talisman of passion, protection and prosperity”, - remembered from the beading brochure.

Every time, when I tried to sit snugly on the couch the dog found me and threw his rangy mass careless on…as if saying: don’t waste time.
Finally, with passive humbleness I let it happened: Rumor half sit half laid on my laps. 
Almost immediately I leaped from the coach: feeling of boiled water scared me. Next I could imagine -   his eye melting the clay figurine…

Restless, rogue Rumor found under the arm-chair with curiously watching him kid – the patchy blue on white balloon, bit it and left choked on the floor.
Probing next venture, he was sniffing poodles-twins, napping nearby.

A knock in the door defused the tensions. Rumor’s owner, dark headed teen with warm eyes and soft voice happily reunited with his puppy.

“…Mercury in Aquarius – we get ‘new set of eyes’… Self-control and patience should be a part of our survivor gear. “  - concluded the astrology forecast.


  1. Found again, after some poodle fun haha a new way of looking at things can sure come due with an addition or two

  2. Sometimes it takes the instinctiveness of our four legged friends to nudge us towards seeing something sweet!

  3. haha... not bad to look at things with different eyes and self-control and patience...oy...have to work on those...

  4. smiles....glad his owner found is good when we are moved to a new perspective....

  5. aw he' so adorable and so is your dialogue

  6. Good that the owner found him again ~ That is quite an astrology forecast ~

    Wishing you Happy week too ~

  7. my boys and I met a whippet at the park yesterday - timely pen :) ~

  8. A happy ending...nothing like the stressed heart from losing a pet

  9. I am happy that Rumor found your writer/narrator (you?). Because of him a new set of eyes was found. Same old eyes but they were seeing new. Very nicely told, Hum B.
    Writing towards a horoscope as a vehicle was neat idea, it turned out good.

  10. They can certainly help to put some semblance of order. The good thing is they are relatively easier to train! Nicely humbird!