Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hands down

I've invited my ego
for cleansing and healing

I've been through
multiple races
in different places,
now - adding
this one.

They sway
in imagination,
changing the colors,
switching the tempers
with texture and dollars,-
yeah, pricey our choice
of mixture...

put your signature
to speed up the future
beaten, tired -
someone might get
the result
on the plate
with a golden

Now, warranty's expired,
but we able to manage
the hours,
switch the hands,
and pretend -
we got coverage
for any trend...

But in hard times
whether we'll have
enough strength
to pull All Hands
to the pumps...

Image: 'The Clockmaker' by Russian artist Ivan Vasilievich Kliun (1873-1943)

1 comment:

  1. Nice look through the good and bad as you give a cleanse at your pad. The ego can glow, some times in check it needs to go.