Saturday, March 16, 2013

Auto-writing: going through

"Once Mars enters Aries on the March 12th,
we will be kicking off about all month
cycle where up is down, down is up,
left is right and right is gone."
Robin Adams,
Practical Astrologer
(continuation, part 2)
...brewing core cause
the decor to whistle
in chimney,
whimsical velour
and coral cavities of
harpoon the clear air
after eruption,
I feel the Windows Vista
preserving cd drive
from corruption -
like playing the
whist in a bistro
of 18th century,
silver lining,
dreaming of
carousel through cell
jigsaw puzzle,
chiropractor plays
cello for your lover
lower back pain,
repairs the spine
barrier to bow
to open the entrance
to guided amendment
to meditation,
to show the ambulance
how to grow
equivalent fractions...
feel the attraction?
(to be continued)
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  1. Well the chiropractor pops me back in next week, so I can literally feel that pain. Nice imagery once more and like the quote too at your shore.

  2. Thanks, Pat, and good luck to your back! :)