Friday, March 15, 2013

Auto-writing: a tunnel to light

(part 1)
A million feels great
through corpuscular arch
volume of cells,
valuable philosophy
chew to achieve,
curl the core of ear
for Darth Vader's
'hard to return'
to the Light,
who overthrew
the evil Empire
to let his guard

to fulfill the Light Force
to summon healing chi,
penetrating cometary
threat, forming
genius fortune,
challenging pill's muss;
the hord connects -
the chaos solution,-
in the loop of
probiotic karma -
no straight lines -
we run into bumps,

check the pulse -
expect to lose
wages and burning
fake tracks,
attracted by
watermelon scent, -
the carpet odor
on my tongue -
I send 'Thank you'
with sense
"I'm loser..."

savvy tabloids
fill the book stamps,
try to distract them
with Alaska salmon,
an immune system

nailed to the Light
tunnel faster...

(to be continued)

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  1. Stars wars reference galore, fun at your shore and yeah they try and distract, with each and every extract.