Monday, March 18, 2013

Auto-writing: Insight at this shifting time

(continuation, part 3)
Live every day,
play on inner plane,
spot what's emotional,
attractive, glorious;
recognize wise
well rounded pebbles,
listen their stories,
interact on different levels
as archangels do, sages done,
Rama - too,
being in two places simultaneously,
be different skills' the precept,
for anyone searching -
help on the quest of balance,
clearing not working
stagnant valence,
frozen 'bachelor of perfection' set -
is it possible to have it if you -
only human, not bio robot yet...

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  1. Two places is sure a shift around, but with two one is never really found, like the ending too, I wish I had the sturdiness of a robots body at my zoo haha

  2. One is found at your playground: Cat and Pat under one hat,
    and Robot could be one more pet...
    Thanks for kind comment on my writing experiment.