Sunday, March 31, 2013

Starry bridge

Music: A.Zatsepin, Lyrics (Russian): L.Derbenev, "31 of June" - fantastic two-part 
musical TV movie based on the eponymous novel by John B. Priestley (1978).
 Below is my translation of the song from this movie "Starry bridge".

Heavenly lights are floating
along immense starlike road,
over the deep black abyss,
forming a starry bridge for us.

We are among the stars and darkness
each other found in unthinkable sky dust
for the Milky Way to become someday
the road of eternal love!

Everything may ends suddenly,
you do not lose me in the twinkling stars,
won't be destroyed by loneliness
our starry bridge again.


Let Dipper bucket, Big Dipper
melted slowly faded away.
Let's hope that Starry bridge
will help to love, will sway...



  1. One movie I never heard off at my sea, but great interpretation from thee. The stars and sights, sure prove not all love bites haha

  2. Well, you need just get this novel.
    Thank you Pat for nice comment. Also
    I like your highlight on love bite :)