Friday, December 13, 2013

The swards of night

 Jennifer MacNeill photography
by Jennifer MacNeill

I’m skinless before you
with sticking out
arrogant ego,
squeezed in etheric half
a cup of coffee.

You drink this whole truth
of reality – us -
the blues among blue
of the sea and clouds.

I slice subtle piece
of five
dimensional face –
no time, no taste - unable
to erase the soul essence.

I string in a garland
expressions, modes -
roller-coaster of unknown
when nobody home
guts upside down… 


  1. nice depth of feeling in this...the drinking the cup of the truth of us...and that third stanza was quite emotive as well...

  2. guts upside down and skinless too, geez might want to see someone about that lol

  3. deep and intriguing!
    Magnificently portrayed!

  4. heck...guts upside down and skinless... highly emotional write for sure

  5. Wonderful poem full of emotionality!