Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fairy Tale

“Fairy tale – a  lie, but there- allusion…”
A.S. Pushkin

Her present life kept the traces of old, the ancient one.
Once rewarded, - brought to highest level of achievement –
a human life.

From brief meeting you would never say there is something wrong -smiley face, nimble manners, and witty brain.

Then, little by little, when you become familiar with the way of life, the house exposes every time a new clue: a statue, a photo, a fishy food, and finally – a stocking with a paw…

Insisted on a month of vocation by the ocean, one day she escapes to satisfy her nostalgia…

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  1. This has the air of the fairy tale perfectly captured..dark and clever..

  2. A new clue you say, to lead one through a brighter day, fairy like indeed

  3. Well I wondered what the ending will be ~ Intriguing write ~

  4. This escape sounds like a worthy adventure! A stocking with a paw? Hmm! Quite clever too!

  5. However much we change we can never get rid of our original self and it will surely tap us on the shoulder one day and say "I am still here". Satisfying your nostalgia is good especially if regret is kept under control.

  6. ah if you look around long enough you will def find the clues that tell you about the person that lives there...seldom ever get to that point though...

  7. Mystery, speculations and finally revelation...

  8. A stocking with a paw? I'm definitely missing something here.