Saturday, December 14, 2013

A kiss of a snowflake

Andy the Snowman grew up in the center of the lake, when the cottony blanket of first snow has attracted like magnet all nearby children to play, to skate, and build the Snowman.
Then Andy has learned that solitude of white can be rewarding.
Surrounded by dancing snowflakes, he felt happy, as if chosen.
And indeed, the smile has never left his face.

Staring forward with his eyes-buttons, Andy wished for even more friends. One day he noticed the light in a house not so far from the lake. Many-many kids hopped around a big decorated pine tree. Blue, red, yellow, green lights were reflecting in their eyes.
Since that day a longing for something untried has settled in his appeared not so cold heart…

Once, lulled by the wind, dreaming quietly, while kids have been attending a school, Andy hasn't noticed a Red Cardinal landed close, on the icy bench.
At first moment his drill-like voice pierced Snowman’s open mind under cute beret. But by focusing he has heard: “…I am instructed to transmit the Invitation”, - with these words the Cardinal unveiled the mighty wing, lifted with winning gesture the chin and read sacred tattoo. –

 “We like your happy expression. The positive vibes uplift all who see you. Submit your participation in New Year party. And your dream might come true,”

– the mysterious bird finished reading, looking expectantly at Andy.
-         But how? – The Cardinal majestically leaned toward Snowman,covering with magic script…

Andy hasn’t remembered exactly how it happened. He has found himself standing inside of this very house he looked at!... by decorated pine tree and with highlighted signature smile,…but now no snowflake can kiss him to submit his Snow nature.

With the long look of eyes-buttons he’s staring in the window. And dreaming… 


  1. The grass is always greener, but then we just never know until we try I suppose.

  2. nice...i like the christmas magic in this one....and i am glad that dreams still come true.....

  3. Staring at the window....and dreaming. This reminds me of when I was younger, first years spent outside looking in, then inside looking out....such is life, even for snowmen, it seems!

  4. I love this beautiful and lovely story! Nice smile !

  5. what a cute story, enjoyed!!!

    much love...

  6. lovely uplifting story...a good one for this time of year...

  7. What a fine winter tale this is. It would be fun to see how someone would illustrate it.

  8. A lovely dream ~ I hope his wishes will come true ~