Monday, July 15, 2013

The rope

“Why do they always
ruin my rope
with their cuts?”
R. M. Rilke

We were born with it…
The only connection
to outside world
to feed in
the in-for-ma-tion…
thru the cord.

They cut it, said:
breathe on your own -
I tried – instead
new one, invisible
was shown.

I climbed it
in a slow motion,
roses and promotions.
Like circus seal
I played fair,
balanced world
by seeing clear.

Up above,
beyond horizon,
the rope was cut,-
a world turned out

New chance, rebirth,
new found skills
would seem to open doors
and move the wills…
But…where the rope?
Enjoying rowing
I lost it…breathing
on my own...
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  1. When I was very small I asked the old folks one night what held up the moon (I did not believe it was green cheese of course). They said a rope. I wondered where it could be tied...and I wonder also how all the stars were on a globe in the travel agency by the magic shop. That I think started my interest in cosmology...Now, lately it has become clearer in terms of information theory... ropes, knots, strings, braids and other filaments a lot cut or one long strand... a seal balancing balls on my noise- or maybe what Jack finds when he climbs the bean stalk...

    1. Love your stories, Edgar! The necklaces of planets with pendants-stars for balance - rewarded by ancestors to wear...
      Thanks :)

  2. A rope can be knotted or lead, all depends on how we read. Great insights.

  3. interesting poem.we do feel rather anchorless at times in this world of flux.

  4. rathere fanciful little piece....interesting look at birth and life too....while the original umbilical is cut i def think we have new ones that attach to the world around us and others...

  5. smiles...sometimes those ropes give us a sense of security as well as bind us in a way...good to learn, breathing without them..

  6. thanks has to enjoy challenges...:)

  7. I think we all need the 'ropes' on occasion, but then again in many situations it feels good and empowering to be eventually able to 'breathe' on our own. It is nice sometimes though to realize the 'rope' is still there and we CAN grab it again if we need to!

    1. Yes, it's right, like in the circus, the trapeze acrobats having this invisible rope just in case...Ths Mary :)