Thursday, August 30, 2012

Horses in the ocean

My translation, based on the poem by Russian poet Boris Slutsky
(1919-1986) "Horses in the ocean". Above is video of the song by
the band "Rock Island", based on the poem with music by Victor
Berkovsky (1932-2005) "Red Island".

Horses can swim,
But not good, not far...
'Gloria', the sailing ship -
trying to overcome the ocean.
Lots of horses, crowded at this trip,
in the cargo holds in constant motion.
1000 of horses, but 4000 horseshoes
haven't brought the happy end:
the bottom of the ship was pierced, pushed
by the bomb, far-far away from the land.
People're boarding into the boats, rafts -
while the horses - swimming by themselves!
Gush, how should they act
if there is no room and nobody - to help...
Vast red island in the ocean loaded,
chestnut horses on uptight surface,-
seemed at first it's simple to float,
the ocean seemed like river path.
Only there is endless river...
at the end of horses strengths...
suddenly they neighed, as if disagreeing
to the freedom with no chance...
Doomed poor horses went to a bottom...
Who in the world will mourn this loss!
Filled with sorrow my heart about them,
Red ones, have not seen the earth...

1 comment:

  1. Poor horses being thought of last
    If it all
    Only used should the need cast
    Otherwise drowned or stuck in a stall