Saturday, August 4, 2012


When the Earth starts to shift -
the scar - hurts, the wound - burns,
but self-healing helps, life feels as gift.

No scream!
Neighbors take after dinner nap,
the thoughts at fair wind as sailboats -
arrive with increment step.

'Bend and you shall not break'
getting stronger without ache...

Temperance awaits on the corner,
when cooled out under the AC,
we squeeze in hot air to feel warmer, -
to pour over a sudden rain with
flashes of lightning
to the music of heaven drums,
the characters on ad panel
highlighting, suggesting us
how to save the money or time...

The precious time speed up to heaven,
perhaps it found better use
in higher realm...

Will love survive in garden of Eden?
At least time's due
not embedded in our arm...

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