Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Rose

Swaying at a wave
of vivid images,
open the window
under the crown
to enter the world
of whimsical gestures -
turn the light
of integrity on

to put the tender
white rose in the ground,
aware of its power
beyond the means,
above emotions,
by winds surrounded,
shrouded in the halo
of sunbeams,

meet unknown
souls, reentered
the ocean of Whole
with crystal purity -
what the breathtaking,
staggering call
for naive and fragile
invaders of beauty!


  1. sublime in hue & fragrant/ yet wins many hearts/ on matrix of purity.

  2. Such vivid images of beauty you caught
    And surely brought
    With your words
    Expect nothing less of humming birds