Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pass On

Once dreamed fantasy
made me run
to distant lands of fun,
filled every split second,
required life's sacrifice,
be flexible at any places
with images of
dressed up
the suit, glasses, the faces,
copy someone's grimacing,
mimicking phrases,
play game 'follow the leader',
whenever it brings,
even to a latrines

to show your passion
alike sitting on
whoopee cushion,
and fart just in time
to call the motion
of important person
to receive the promotion -
led to the loss of self...
Who am I?
Am I invisible of something?

In this chain of characters,
subordinated to instructions,
algorithms of behavior
haven't recognized myself
in a mirror,
how easy to give up
your responsibilities
to leader...

Slow down, step wide,
one woman - the island
at least for while
to collect parts unclaimed,
allow herself be unique,
not tamed,
and take the road
less traveled

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