Tuesday, August 7, 2012

True and false

Inner placed compass,
aligned with 'true north',
guides toward the destiny
its magnetic force.

Each dewdrop I swallow
brings infinite joy,
even breathing shallow
won't cause to stall

changing book of history,
mixing true and false,
fall in starry mystery,
pointed to south.


  1. Nice little rhyme, with your chime. And interesting indeed should a new path show and one follows its lead.

  2. Yeah, not every rhyme will chime...but one might find the sense behind...:)
    Thank you, Pat for stopping by!

  3. on this unique inner journey/ no compass, no beacon just a haunch/ guided by starry reflection I arrive/ where all merges in to one and again falls apart.

  4. you right,Jyoti, each moment is unique, and we can have this special intuitive feeling when it's right time to act...
    Thanks to your poetic muse!