Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter blues

The winter comes again
the old girlfriend
so arrogant and cold

the snow swans pack
is winging in the sky,
my head in blues...

the sounds promising
and gaily snow flaking
the reindeer song of

the summer flirty
flicker fall at frosty
bottom of heart well...

the pensive artist
painted with whimsy
laces thoughtlessly

so neatly covered 
the memory of
fairy telling days...

Inspired by  d'Verse: Winter Blues


  1. One old girlfriend that I wish would never call me again lol

  2. love the personification as an arrogant and cold girlfriend... oy.... i long for flirty summer...esp. on a cold and grey day like we had over here today...

  3. ha. cool personification of winter....smiles...i can see her...
    spring/autumn...they are my fav ladies to court...
    off the extremes...smiles.

  4. She's surely one of those old girlfriends we hope doesn't stay too long and we're so happy to see her leave! Great writing!

  5. Ah! such a nice poem, though the winter is cold but still is a charming girl!!

  6. The winter blues bring so many any similar thoughts, but more memories surface. Enjoyed the stream of images this produced.