Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The hum of evening thins away *


When sunset arches above the ‘feels big’ things,
 worn-down blunt edges touching the ground,
yet distant to make all equal, to converse
the keys and passwords to hue memory,
to fold and save in carved earthy womb
where petals in the flowerbed so satisfied of gifts
received, uncurled/nurtured by bugs so treasured
and guard the giving…

When sunset arches…
I feel the breath
Of night.

The life gets lethargic, drunk of itself, vanished
to be born again in dawn dress with roses bushes,
fast perky promises of longer days, pensive nights of
bittersweet tears and cues, missing words of love
required from others, but resisted to follow through
by us.

* Eugenio Montale "The Occasions" ~ used one of the poetry line

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  1. The sun defines us and our relevance

  2. Beautiful images. This is such a magical piece, it makes me miss those days of sunlight pouring over the roses and gardens......not too far away that dawn dress will light the away.

  3. Hmm. Wow. Not sure how this relates to the prompt, but I love it.

    1. Human rights to dream, to ponder, to write/voice your soul... Thanks.

  4. The sun gives many gifts, night hides them away, but in both you can play

  5. "When sunset arches...." such a peaceful feeling in this poem!

  6. When day comes to night things curled up to be arched again in the morning. In between lots of things come alive and moving. These provide the interesting times. Rightly so humbird!


  7. ha. i like that last bit...night calling, the day drunk on itself...only to be born again on a new dawning.....

  8. When sunset arches…I feel the breath Of night.
    and look forward for another day...that holds promise
    I see lot of emotions in these lines!

  9. What a beautiful line to muse on...i love the contrasting images..soft and hard..bright and dark...maybe being human is dreaming about the bigger things whilst being content with the very special small things xo

  10. I particularly like the image of sunset arching.

  11. Like how so much of life is pulled in and related through the experience of a beautiful moment.

  12. I love the picture of the sunset... it's beautiful. You also have such an amazing way with words. I was hanging on every one of them. Have a wonderful day... :)

  13. sunset arching is such a beautiful feeling....

  14. love the words and metaphors that you use..!

  15. Yes we are resistant to follow through.