Friday, December 12, 2014

A miracle

“The day demands only a key”
E. Montale

When asked “what do you want?”
I shake the wings grown tired
of routine routs riding
in cascade of nesting issues
serving dear to heart souls.

I shake the wings in a case
the miracle stuck to
the magnet they've become
loving the work they do.

The miracle sometimes slips
through fingers holding invisible
stones of decoys and debris
detoxifying the Earth.

When found it looks like plain keys
red rose plate pendant attached
to bring the love where you
use them…

Shared with PU Poetry Pantry


  1. Slipping through is just rude, I want it not to slip so will get a good grip

  2. Enjoyed, Like the shaking of wings..

  3. oh sometimes those wings grow tired indeed but in all that they still work miracles just where they're needed most...

  4. beautiful piece picture and quote!

  5. Holding on to that miracle . I think that that's harder than the miracle itself.

  6. Miracles can sometimes be 'slippery.' But hopefully, one way or another, lost miracles will find their way back.

  7. I like what you found in the end ~ Miracles may slip through our fingers but they come around to bring love in our journey ~

  8. "I shake the wings grown tired". I resonate - we can honor our duties and love the ones we care for. But our wings do sometimes grow tired!

  9. 'When asked “what do you want?”
    I shake the wings grown tired'

    the heaviness of those wings somedays....


  10. i sometimes think miracles are well earned blessings. see them slipping away is heartbreaking

  11. As Usual I like what I read but have a difficult picture to conjure up as a whole. But that's an old fart talking who can't catch up to to the new and innovative writers such as yourself.

  12. I really liked that first stanza, humbird, as well as the positive note at the end.

  13. Wings sometimes grow tired but, they will still flutter with hope...sometimes the miracle comes in a different form.

  14. How difficult to find that key that unlocks not only the heart but compatibility. Love must exist on all levels of a relationship.

  15. def when the wings get tired
    it is time to shake them out...and maybe
    knock some of the road miles off...
    before moving on....

  16. That first stanza is very catching. Well written.