Monday, December 1, 2014

Bond of Union

 M.C. Escher
Bond of Union, 1956, by M. C. Escher 

Etching an image into a smooth copper plate
intention to carve plane landscape with gouge,
linoleum cutter,
he loved bun-shaped roof and rocks, choosing
not architect, but art craft

printing and peeling others skins off,
exchanging the balls, brain rolls with breeze
vertical/horizontal metamorphosis,
climbing to mountains through labyrinths
to be able to touch his part of stars, bent of bond.

He gazed into maze – no time waste –
rattled through scattered corridors,
corrida of thoughts, interlocking forms,
snakes and ladders, gathering in plain
secular splendor of harvest union.

by Brenda Warren

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  1. Peeling back the layers between two can lead to some interesting results

  2. What we all want, to touch our part of stars...

  3. We each own a unique view and perspective, some far more than others. And each of us must find some way to express it or it will never be known to the world. I like this poem that, for me, celebrates individual creative process.


  4. peeling of skin can reveal much about a touch the stars is the destination.

  5. If it isn't a tribute to M.C. Escher, it could be. In any case, it is intricate and wonderful!

  6. It's all about what's beneath the surface, isn't it? This is an incredible write.

  7. This does feel like a tribute to the master artist himself! Nicely done.

  8. hate to imagine hte breeze if my skin is peeled off...just saying...ha...
    early efforts into post-modern deconstructionism....

  9. That is some harvest union ~ Interesting response humbird ~