Monday, September 8, 2014

Rain of hope

Art by Claudia Schoenfeld "Just for fun" 2014

Gods clobber drum/drops
the clouds with fists
not easy convinced
this world.

It finally quiet
and equal, at peace
hurray to the will
of the rain!

The taste of the air
you never forget
the bitterness, smack
of the water.

These tears felt as bribe,
for steam rooms behind
the new frame, eyes breathe
thru the glasses.

Gods clobber drum/drops
the clouds with fists
for skeptical world
rain of hope.

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  1. Never forget that smack indeed, as water splashed all around. But hope can rain down

  2. smiles... i like how the eyes breathe through the glasses... and it's cool when the rain brings hope...

  3. Did that post? What did I miss?? :)

    If not, please come back on over to my blog, as I have just written you a 2nd short poem.

  4. my computer is going all weird again. :) mind of its own.

    here was the poem...

    and gumdrops
    rain down

    from the sky

    but i listen
    closest to
    the drumdrops

    way up high.


    Thanks for inspiring!!


    hit Publish? :)


  5. I love when water talks, shouts and cries. Very much enjoyed.