Thursday, September 25, 2014


Time Warrior 2

The visitor from underground world,
the sneaky mediator of my regime,
redolent from gravity corner
sending grey 2D carton images
into my dreams.

I visualize, play/plan safe
siphoning to suck it in
increment by increment
from the depth/bottom
of the sliding shadowy
reality mine
into the hole of cross stitched
dream catcher net
above my bed.


  1. thank goodness for those dream catchers eh? i have mine as well....keeps them from getting away.

  2. Such images throughout like, into the hole of cross stitched
    dream catcher net ....I feel the process of rendering something so pure set free upon one's own dreams!

  3. i sometimes wonder what happens with my dreams cause i forget about 99% of them.. some i would love to linger...

  4. My daughter has one of those dream catcher's net for bad dreams ~ let's keep those underground visitors away, smiles ~

  5. Need to keep the bad ones away, caught in that dream catcher net

  6. Enjoyed the imagery in your words. The ceiling looking up in the night looking up from the bed.. I’ve had these visions too.