Friday, September 12, 2014


 Art by Bob Gregory
Art by Bob Gregory

He arrived to me late
I mean: his body was here
at the bench
feet on the floor
hands on piano
but the soul –somewhere else.

Sort of – his dad:
the computer he worked on
while the boy has been studying
was forgotten.
I offered the magazine
at the sofa.

No notebook with homework
No second book with new songs.
The student played well
the part of the homework song

-Are you playing every day as we talked?
-Have you included the piano study in your schedule? (me trying to stay calm)
-Not yet.
-What are you doing after school?
-A homework.
-Do you know that the right hemisphere of brain responsible for music and math, left – for language? So playing piano after school could be beneficial for your growth, nice change for the brain, feeling-good experience.
- Oh?- thinking.

Who knows? Will he try?
At the door I thank him
for bringing the head
at the shoulders.
All of it reminds of Gianni Rodari
fiction story about the boy
who loosing his body parts
along the way;
they being delivered to his mom
at home by strangers.
At the end of the day
she needs just put pieces
together. Light assembly required.

Did I just watch my reflection?..


  1. Ha.. whenever the pianoplaying becomes one the chores .. maybe it's too late (I think I have been that boy once).

    1. Any creativity based on the will practice every day to master your craft : writing or music or else, don't you? For young kids it must be the element of entertainment in it for they have very short attention..but to teach them to try every day - main task for parents and teachers, and also to teach to love art, to nurture the good taste to art/music. ~ Thanks.

    2. So far my writing's not a chore.. But I see your point,

  2. One thing after another it sure takes to get better at something, but you have to enjoy it and want to do it or it becomes work, then blah to that.

  3. My daughter hated the practice though she is actually very good with playing the piano ~ Playing with passion though makes a difference ~

  4. Like Bjorn, I've been that person. I gave it up because I stopped enjoying it. Now I wish I'd continued.

  5. Ahh--I teach voice and my husband teaches piano--don't I know this conversation!! Very cool write.

  6. channeling that storehouse of energy to some creative work is a least for a few growing years...the hard work gives dividends later....nice lines :)

  7. An interesting stream of consciousness piece, and those frustrations of a teacher are something I recognize as authentic.

  8. interesting .. the last part especially, to see yourself in your student.

  9. What a unique poem! I,like many others, had to fit in the music practice, had to find the reason to love it, had to find the little memory in a teacher/companion that I could identify with and continue. Or not. But as a teacher, I found challenges like this kept me fully human. Not to insist we're the same, but to remember what being young was like.

  10. We can always hope that practice will eventually pay off and that music will be something enjoyed for the rest of life.

  11. Hope the boy discovers other activities to stimulate his right brain, but unfortunately, it's too hard to impose music on someone. I think it's like love, it must come from the heart. Good write. I enjoyed reading this.

  12. Perhaps you last line tells it all. Just like you he has potential but will he ever use it? Perhaps the penny will drop next week?

  13. I agree that one needs practice in irder to improve but I have yet to see a youngster who enjoyed practicing. There must be some somewhere but I just do not know them.

  14. The determination and passion are difficult to sustain for the youngsters. But if coupled with fun then it can work wonders.It'll ensure them to be a self starter. He'll certainly lose some of whatever passion along the way otherwise. Great thoughts humbird!


  15. Assembly required with children. I like it.