Thursday, September 18, 2014

On the nose

Fall always finds me
sorting, collecting,
nose along the walls
perimeter counting
with black-shine-mouse
caught in the cage
of cold

the leaves tease
vibrancy of possibilities
brainstorming attack,
birds tweet to fly behind
the horizon…

and I stay invisibly stuck
glue to my intermittent
drinking the transparent liquid,
creating a productive scheme,
barricading books/blocks,
unopened letters,
emails -  for later.

Fall always finds me
talking with a brook
on the shortening walk,
typing/listen to find
the exit
thru ripples of
aspirant forth stream
picked soul up,
cleaning and lighten it,
prepare for next turn.


  1. Seasons teach us the greatest lesson of life. change is inevitable and we should flow along.

  2. A nice clean works well for my ocd haha and yeah have to change with the ripples of life

  3. Ooooh I love that last stanza, talking with the brook.

  4. I like the last stanza as well..talking with a brook can be fun..

  5. talking to brooks and smelling in the fragrance of autumn...sounds good to me... smiles

  6. I do think fall does inspire us to sort and collect things, Humbird. It is that kind of season. Similar to the squirrel collecting its nuts and storing them away for the winter...many of us have the desire to squirrel things away or store them for later. Fall often indeed does cause us to 'clean' and 'lighten' for the passage ahead!

  7. autumn is a very interesting season, in my opinion... and yes, in a way it's like starting a new.

  8. keeping oneself busy while breathing in autumn and talking to brooks is an added beauty...

  9. rich in images and so vibrant. Well Done.

  10. I love the way you have described Fall's effect on your nose, your nesting instincts and your conversations with the brook. Lovely.

  11. I love the idea of all the tidying and preparing for winter.....especially picking the soul up, cleaning and lightening it, for the turn of the!

  12. i love the idea of gathering, searching, and seeing during fall. autumn is my favorite season, this poem really resonates with me!

    stacy lynn mar

  13. I concur! A multi tasker delights in the autumn sort more than the spring cleaning. Why? I am not sure, but I delight in your poem.

  14. Love the flow to this - thanks for a lovely and timely read... With Best Wishes Scott

  15. Fall has me pause and look at its wonderful colors but I like the idea of talking to a brook.

  16. I liked the idea of " the aspirant forth stream picked soul up,cleaning and lighten it," for the hardship of winter.

  17. Thank you, friends for comments! You inspire me for more... ~ Happy Fall! :)xx

  18. I love fall. I find it to be so comforting and beautiful.