Sunday, May 25, 2014


Magpie Tales image

They all’ve survived the seasons
stuck in the walls
faces, smile, laugh…

-         the sweet ‘squeak’ –
surrounds my morning nap
a dream
quits when I open eye…

-         do take ‘NO’ for answer –
reform, retreat, retweet…

-         don't try to fill all shelves
at once, -
pause, rest your mind,
enjoy long walk, awaited
warmth boost
the seventy, eighty degrees
feels like was promised…
last longer…

I cry. I dry my eyes. I try to used
to new glasses, not pink anymore
dark frame, a focus on circles
with absorbed liquid

-         moisturize -
the need for dry climate here,
at North

I pick up any dust fell from
cleaning  the chakras…
-       dissolve, shower, start over -

but unable to make
the puzzle pieces meet…

-         substitute for alike -
the edges don't fit!

we hit the target
the different things.

A survey: they want to know
if we satisfied with the treats…
Let’s ask the fluttering
mates pigeons -
they're working full time
created inspiring report!

 Pigeon Valley in Turkey
                 Pigeon Valley in Turkey 

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  1. Interesting take. Have a great day!

  2. This has a beautiful message behind it. I love that 3rd stanza.

  3. It has taken me several readings to get the (mixed) messages, but in the end I got there. The pigeons have the answer: life can be anything you want it to be.

  4. Delightfully higgledy-piggledy but as we move through the verses with you you seem to be working things out and making some order..always good!

  5. I also had some difficulty with understanding what is here, I seemed to grasp a bit and then lose it again.


  6. Thanks for trying understand...I was between 2 prompts: a picture and 14 words. Please, click below to see the words. ..Connecting 'pigeon' helped the web site I found very interesting on use something harmful with positive purpose...the rest please read there, clicking on the links.

  7. Dust in the chakras seem to be quite something... I read confusion .. and certainly the flutter of pigeons can be like that.. well use of the words... and yes it fitted the magpie picture (BTW pigeons and magpies can be vicious enemies I think)

  8. the title was grand liked that in my land haha puzzle pieces don't meeting can stink, need to shove them together at ones rink

  9. "reform, retreat, retweet…" --> just great!

  10. Reform, retreat, retweet...I love this line...and unable to make the puzzles pieces meet.

  11. dont try to fill all shelves at once...some nice wisdom in that...
    and in taking No, when needed...

  12. We are stuck and set in our ways. Rules and rules! But these are necessary though! The fastest way is to do one thing at a time! Wonderful write humbird!


  13. I'm enjoying the warmer weather, too!

  14. How much like real life this is where the puzzle pieces don't meet. How human it is to cling on to the past searching for the truth when even the pigeons are wiser than that or are they?

  15. Such depth, and rhythm of life winding throughout.

  16. Sprightly and a bit sagacious...

  17. some puzzles don't have to fit necessarily ... and for some it's essential

  18. A perfect title for a perfect prompt response.

  19. Such a creative and fun response ~ Enjoyed this one, smiles ~

  20. I like the way your words were "mismatched" yet of a kind, like the things in that shop. It worked.


  21. Love your pigeon valley photo! Must be a beautiful place to visit!

  22. Do take no for an answer... now that's a new twist...