Thursday, May 22, 2014

Above water

                                The mind is like an iceberg, it floats
                                             with one-seventh of its bulk
                                                                       above water.
                                                                              S. Freud

How do not let the dream to ruin you?
Such a massive dream meant to change
the whole view,
so at the photo – another ‘her’
from a parallel world with no doubt:
a leader, an artist, just a happy person,
adult project ( no milk lips/green decisions) –
the success!

What the power/strain/catalyst
you choose to pour through the head pores
to separate out any solid matter?

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  1. Intriguing, unanswerable questions - just like psychiatry!

    1. The definition of the words in 3WW inspired me to think about it...still trying to answer the question...~ thanks for stopping by, Rosemary! xx

  2. What, indeed! Dig and delve as we might, artistic inspiration keeps some secrets!

  3. There is such mystery in the workings of the mind!

  4. some dreams require us to change our views and perspectives for sure....if we are ever to achieve them....

  5. really interesting if another parallel world with parallel "us" exists.

  6. Have to stop and think or look at them all an may have to change for them to befall

  7. a word picture of a maze, that is set the mind dancing.

  8. what we see is seldom the whole truth... i like the quote and i think that maybe through art a bit more of what's hidden in a person comes to the surface

  9. That is quite a question Humbird ~ So much we still don't know about the wonders of our mind ~