Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blow the horn ~ Bumper Cars

They say: ‘press the button to call a nurse’,
and immediately a tremolo alert sounds -
first aid on the go, highlighted red cross,
you’re being helped, compassion –abound.

Remember, we/kids in amusement park:
look! speed cars! electrical power
‘press the button to signal alert’
-Oh, late, you bumped in another car.

We’re playing and learn…to have a fun.

Whether goodness or badness in your life
whichever side of moral (do) you support
to burn the valves  to survive
where the limit to prudent effort…

what will you sacrifice when the light so high –
blinded sight, all hues mixed-up
where is yellow/blue/red/white?

They said: ‘press the button
to call a nurse…’

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  1. A little play is a okay, but when you go too far and need that button, at least they are there

  2. I don't remember that button on the bumper cars, but I know the feeling of wanting to honk in the effort of walking in crowds and driving in traffic jams. And I know, since falling at home, that my brothers think of me as a bumper car/invalid who needs that button at home as well as in the hospital. The question in this poem is relevant to me and anyone to whom the aid and healthcare and enjoyment of life matter.

  3. Well written. And that coming from a guy who could use a crash cage lately. My kingdom for that button!

  4. what will you sacrifice is an important question...and what will push you to the point you will sacrifice...what goes first...there are whole volumes to be written on that...i dont remember horns on bumper cars either...hmmm....

  5. the repetition does make us alert to have time for a pause...nice lines

  6. It all depends on the nurse who arrives if/when they respond to that button..sometimes the best compassion can be found in the amusement park!

  7. nurses work hard and it's nice to know that when they're really needed they come

  8. Reminds me of my mother's month-long hospital stay shortly before she passed.

  9. One feels secure in hospitals as the people around are trained for it. Nicely humbird!


  10. This is quite a story ~ I hope someone helps and steps in when the button is pressed for help ~

    Wishing you Happy Mother's Day ~ Grace

  11. I enjoyed much as I always enjoyed those bumper cars!