Friday, May 24, 2013

Golden Touch

Can you imagine what would happen if the world
was to receive the gift of “free energy”?”
Robin Adams, astrologer

…the message of Light
from a celestial envoy:
‘ you have “Midas touch”,
everything turn in gold
with your approach’;

imagine what happens
to world,
received free energy-
every joule generates
new thought,
so I’m looking
for gold,
hidden where?-
‘In the root
of the problem
within your path’,
with a slogan
“Do what you Love”
and “Love what you Do” –
by doing thus
you touch more
turning them
into gold.

So, hence-
the power to generate
rests in your hands…
Just quick reminder:
wash them fast
you touch the ‘bread’…

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  1. I wish I could have the actual midas touch for a day, that would be great at my bay

  2. Pat, I think you make day of many on your means you do have the 'golden touch'. Thanks for stopping by! :^)x

  3. love will def help us find the root of the is found where we put our gold you know...and its not always the stone...smiles. happy saturday

  4. Thank you Brian for visiting! Agree: gold is not always the stone.
    Hope you have nice weekend! :)