Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Before and After

'I love 3 things:' -
a Diva said, -
'a cigarette before
and coffee after...'

'I'd like to make
my fans to run up
breathing hard
for chance to stare', -
dreamed grown older star
and moved 10 floors upstairs...

'It's nice to feel
the difference
before and after',-
flowing slowly
announced Jill, -
when calmed down
after Reiki treats.
She 'lost the face',
but saved her wits...

So vary views,
'be happy' ways,-
when you believe
in what you praise...


  1. Mind went to the gutter first until the Reiki burst haha

  2. it one of the beautiful things in life...no two perspectives are the same...good in the variety, though i can def at times cause tension