Monday, May 20, 2013

Cross swords

“…Mercury in Gemini. This highlights new movement
in the way that we think and use our words…”
Suzi Dronzek, astrologer

No hands? No swords?
Pointing with eyes,
The sting – on the edge
of the tongue,
doubled as if a fork,
balancing between
‘yes’ and ‘no’,
‘settle’ and ‘flow’,
‘filled’ and ‘blank’,
‘beginning’ and ‘end’.

Who is who?
What is what?
What is right?
What is wrong?
Double-edged sword!

As we share this air
with Gemini –twins-
nicely play, be aware
what you share, -
then everyone wins!
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  1. If all were aware of what they share could avoid a glare and live without pulling hair haha

  2. omg thank you! and how fun and so cool! Love your writing and the cleverness behind it! (and did you see the time posted? 1:11 ) <3

  3. Hi Pat! Change starts from each of us, from YOU - be kind, be vibrant, and all around will try to resonate with you...
    Thanks for being present! To your success! :)

  4. Thank you Suzi! I'm always looking for clarity at Astrology...
    and angels 101 helps too...
    Glad to resonate with you!