Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fly away, the cloud

My translation of the song "Fly away, the cloud" (1979).
Music and lyrics by V. Reznikov (1952-1992) 

Fly away, cloud,
fly away, cloud,
fly away!
Fly away cloud,
oh, fly away…

Wind with cloud tête–à–tête
talked while blowing its around:
my desire, oh cloud,
could you guess?
don't you see the world without you-
 better place, - fly away, oh cloud,
don't delay, oh cloud,
fly away!

If there were no more concerns,
than to chase after you! -
hurry up and pour with rain,
then melt away.
If I stay with you someway
my friend sail will become unvaried
fly away, oh cloud
fly away!

 All the hardships, sorrow
envelop with cotton wool,
take with you anxiety
and sadness
for no grief to all had happened,
for the sun be never blacked-
fly away, oh cloud,
fly away!

1 comment:

  1. Those clouds can sure roll in, so glad when they leave my bin.