Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bad weather

My translation (Russian) of the song "Bad weather"
from the movie "Mary Poppins, Goodbye".
Music: Alla Pugacheva, Vadim Lotkin.
Lyrics: Irina Pavlyutkin.

The changes with weather
happen from year to year,
bad weather now - in fashion,
bad weather, bad weather.
As if from the plumbing pipes
heaven water's pouring on us:

six months of bad weather,
half a year - just nowhere,
six months of bad weather,
half a year - just nowhere at all.

Nowhere, nowhere we hide,
but life couldn't be delayed.
Nowhere, nowhere, but right
there someone is looking for you
among the rain.

Ominous thunder's rumbling
from sunset to sunrise,-
a fee for the human sins,
bad weather, bad weather.
Not sore throat, cold or virus -
more serious trouble:


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  1. Yeah they change at a different range, bringing forth news of worth, at least to many as that is all they can talk about haha