Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wide, wider, the widest...

The universe is wider than our views of it.
the path runs
along the trees,
around the pond,
I've found myself
at the same place
with sign "Start"...

the same people
surrounded me,
traveling from
point A to B,
seemingly have
not recognized yet
the deja vu
where they flee.

I anticipate
my new path,
but for now -
how to bypass
perpetual circle,
where all passers-by
believe they drive
velocity vehicle.

I stop. Look around.
Look up high.
There are something
a crow's
trying to tell me
almost tore up
the throat,
its hoarse voice
performs grand plie
in my stomach...

I'm on the way
to see a nurse
to appease my
endless worry,
so if you're annoyed by
moaning voice,
please, forgive me,
I am sorry.
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  1. Going round and round digging our heels in the ground and making the same old sound, is tough sometimes for an out to be found. Great word spin today at your bin.