Monday, February 4, 2013

Dance with me

Dance with me
in my wacky dream
on the darker side
of the Libra Moon,
this vacation spin -
upside down ride
downward to ground
to release the sin
with my heart desire
in a spiral move
I speed up, excited
in a circles of
concentrated thought,
focused will escort,
gliding to the roots,
to core
of my essence


  1. I could use some wacky dreams on the darker side. It seems that such things are dying in me.

  2. I like in this invitation, that she will dance and dance even if alone. This welcome would be a blessing to one who could match the speed and rhythm all the way.

  3. I have a daughter with a Libra moon, so this one speaks to me :-)

  4. I like how you make the sentences bend to your requirements.

  5. Oh, to dance by the light of the moon! Now, you've got me thinking...smiles!