Thursday, February 28, 2013


Crossed the bridge,
manifested life,
simply live as serve,
into moment dive,
under arches,
through the
between lines
and shapes,
between lives
with shadows,
where the goal -
survive and
no direction.
If the pitch I take
resonate with you -
I've fulfilled my fate,
I'm on 'feel right' cue...
why then foolish heart,
bathed in the love,
longing for some more,
wants to work so hard...
restless, it's ascending high
as if having power-wing to soar
to observe the path,
rapidly return,
touch the ground
like for vital score;
notice in a crowd
one more troubled face,
lend a hand,
hear the whisper:
'keep the faith


  1. A bridge and path one must choose
    Should they ever want to win or lose
    Either way comes a gain
    Some not without it's pain.

  2. It is not so bad,
    if in your team
    Pat Hatt.
    Thanks for joining my site!