Friday, July 27, 2012


   Having nice supper
  in the restaurant
  with close friends

  and colleagues,
  talking about life's

  ups and downs,
  the old man was given

  ride to home after that
  to relax and enjoy
  calm evening,

  but instead...

 No more faith...,
 wired coil of rope

 around the body,
 seeing cards,

 falling with domino effect
 as the karma.
'You are fraud'- whisper..

 Is it low self-esteem?
 Maybe fear of future,
 or tightly attached


After taking pills
there is prayer time,
when he prays

for 150 people
he has known,

took care about,
working as a coordinator
in mental service -
not scratching surface,

but digging deeply under...

1 comment:

  1. Dig a little deeper and never know what one might find
    Sometimes it is all in the mind
    Others may have their head up their behind
    But a little faith is needed to get through the daily grind