Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Clear day

One of those days -
I am early up,
when birds awake,
immersed in a night moisture,
they're warming up the voices
with morning dew,
rehearsing music parts,
as usually dividing
for the soprano and the altos.

Anticipating fun,
I'm sneaking closer
and stunned,
pulling curtain's cord:
so clear glass,
and air glows,
washed up by the rain,
my window highlighted
by the storm!

The sky still bears traces
of the struggle and triumph,
between the odds,
prestige and self-control.
But washed away
the learned skill
next moment,
when the rising sun
throws pastel cloak
on sky's blue skin.

Invisible sky-lighter
moves slowly switcher up,
and show will begin - unique,
with shades and colours,
and every face I meet
will keep the traces
of struggle and triumph
I saw on morning sky
in theater of life
with people as an actors.

Image credit: pal2pal.com


  1. Aurora, with gentle pastel shades/ with unique bird formation/ sky too has a smiling face!!!(Fabulous photograph indeed.

  2. Thanks much, Jyoti! Like this photo too! :)

  3. A very nicely told scene
    With feeling that is far from obscene
    all nice and grand
    such a view in your land

  4. So lovely comment, Pat! Thanks!